April 29th – Making Creative Connections With Others

Making Creative Connections with Others

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Irondequoit Public Library
Lake Ontario/Densmore Creek Meeting Room (#113 + #114)
Registration is open
Come join us to make creative connections with others, and recognize the many ways creativity manifests itself in our lives! Please bring a visual or performed personal creative work; this could be either an idea in process, a draft or partially completed piece, or a finished work. There are no restrictions on what you present (short of the obvious: no fire, animals, or anything that might threaten head, heart, or feet). This will not be a critique or analysis, just a sharing of what moves us after viewing the individual pieces. Registration is required as the program is limited to ten people. Contact facilitator Judith Lardner (judith.lardner@gmail.com) with questions.