Restorative practice is an emerging social science that refers to ways of working with, and doing things with, rather than to or for other people. In this context “Restorative” refers to creating, maintaining, and restoring relationships. While Restorative Practices are historically used in schools and the justice system, the model has much to offer anyone who wants to cultivate strong, meaningful, and resilient relationships in their families, with friends, and in work and other community situations. Because circles are a predominant way of working with Restorative Practices, the classes will take place in an interactive circle format. In these four sessions we will explore together: The circle process and listening; understanding the term Restorative, in terms of “to”, “for”, and “with”; mindfulness and habit reactions; non-violence and knowing connection. The instructor is a certified trainer with Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PiRI) in Rochester and has led practice groups and facilitated trainings in Mindful Communication and Restorative Practices in Rochester over the last ten years.

*Bring a friend for free. Please include friend’s name when registering.

Monday, 4 Sessions         * Fee: $42

Oct. 16, 23, 30, Nov. 16              7:00-8:30 p.m.

IHS,  Room 2088, enter north entrance #3,  take stairway to

second floor, turn left, first hallway

Instructor: Judith Lardner

To register call 336-3014, or go online at