Upcoming Peer Practice programs

Once again I am offering a number of Peer Practice programs to bring more mindfulness and non-violence into our lives. The basic requirements to take part in these programs is familiarity with mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and a willingness to focus on the practice for fourteen weeks.

In the Peer Practice model people practice in solitude each day, with a partner each week, and in a group each month. Participants receive a weekly email with directions for practice, as well as regular support from the facilitator. Most weekly and monthly activities happen by phone or Skype which makes it possible for people to practice regardless of their location.

If you’d like to read more about the Peer Practice model you can check out the link here. Please take a look at the following list of titles and if anything strikes your interest send me an email by September 10th and I will add your name to others interested in the same title. Each fourteen-week program will start on a date between mid September and mid October, as soon as 4 – 6 people come together interested in the same program title.

Program Titles:

  • Mindful Communication – an introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – suitable for anyone new to NVC
  • Self-empathy – learning a number of ways to engage with Self-empathy as well as establish a consistent practice
  • Connection, Disconnection, Reconnection – recognizing what works and what doesn’t work with our communication skills, working with appreciation and with personal feedback.
  • Dialog and the Vernacular – learning ways to “be” NVC and letting our natural language flow from this place.
  • Caring for Carers – bringing companionship, self-awareness, and self-care to long term, non-professional, carers.
  • Peace with Conflict – learning ways to be present and to respond to conflict through self-awareness and NVC

I request a sliding scale of $75 – 200, or €60-150, for each program.