Peer Practice

The Peer Practice program is a series of practices undertaken alone, with a partner, and in a group, in virtual and actual places.

The purpose of a peer practice program is to provide an interdependent structure to support personal growth and social change. Peer practice does this by inviting each of us to our learning edge, by stimulating empathic connections, and by accessing the wisdom of the circle.

The Peer Practice program welcomes people at any skill level who actively want to integrate mindfulness and nonviolence skills into their lives. We have had numerous successful Peer Practice programs with participants from the US and Ireland, since 2011.

The program recognizes how repetition deepens our skills through accumulation and strength building in the same way that gluing layers of paper together creates a very strong material. Similarly, repeatedly removing layers of opacity allows us to see with greater clarity and discernment. The peer practice model can also be used to integrate many kinds of skill sets, including Nonviolent Communication.

Peer Practice programs

You can check on these links to read more general information about Peer Practice, or  testimonials from past participants, or outlines of past programs.

Please email me at if you would like to be notified about the start of the next Peer Practice program, or if you want to explore using the Peer Practice model to work with a specific group or topic.

The inferno of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together. There are two ways to escape suffering it. The first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space.

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities