Spring Retreat 2022

12-Week Spring Retreat: Sharing our skills and wisdom and support to find equanimity and respite in challenging times.

Starting on 7th February.

Many of us may feel overwhelmed by the excess of today’s resources for wellbeing (tv shows, books, courses, videos etc), and wonder how to discern what, in the midst of all this information, can we make use of today? Perhaps you have found yourself bouncing from topic to topic, fascinated by each new thing or unbeatable strategy, without spending enough time to practice and integrate any of the teaching?

The purpose of this longer Peer Practice group is to take more time for reflection and connection, as well as integrating our learning and practice into daily life. This retreat will support us to connect with a practice partner to focus on and activate a deeper understanding of previous learning, and to integrate our own chosen core practises into our daily lives. During this retreat participants will be invited to reflect on skills and practises they may have forgotten or neglected, as well as learn skills and practises that are relevant today.

Dates: This Peer Practice model includes an Introductory circle, 3 x 4 week cycles of: Information, Practice, Harvesting (in Circle) and Next Steps. 

Welcome Circle on Monday, 7th FEBRUARY at 7:30-9:00  pm on Zoom

The three Monday Circle dates are: 21st FEBRUARY, 21st MARCH, and 18th APRIL.

Contribution: Sliding scale/pay what you can:  €50-150.

Closing date for registration – Monday 31st January

TO REGISTER or if you have any need for clarifications, PLEASE EMAIL judith.lardner@gmail.com