January 21st – NVC practice for Emotional Connection During Social Distancing

NVC practice for Emotional Connection During Social Distancing Co-Facilitators: Joe Power and Judith Lardner Purpose: The purpose of this program is to deepen our NVC skills, so that we then might use them to contribute to a sense of community and learning, despite our ongoing social restrictions.  What: On average participations take 4 hours a week Read more →

Learn how to co-facilitate a Peer Practice programme, starting October 1st, 2020

Learn how to co-facilitate a Peer Practice programme  A 6-Week Online Programme Facilitator: Judith Lardner   Purpose: To learn how to co-facilitate a Peer Practice programme (PPP) What: In addition to taking a week each to get to know one another and to harvest our learning, we will learn about and experience co-facilitating the main Read more →

Self-Compassion, a six week Peer Practice programme

Self-Compassion: Learning to be My Own Best Friend A 6-Week Online Peer Practice programme  From Thursday, August 13th – Thursday, September 23rd, 2020 Facilitators: Judith Lardner and Mary Mehigan Flyer -Self-Compassion PP programme