Ways to contribute

It is my wish that all of my activities can be accessible to people regardless of their means. And the amount I request for each activity is the amount I estimate will make my work sustainable. I am very willing to come to an agreement with anyone who wishes to contribute less, or more, than the requested amount. Our familiar Western economic model emphasises scarcity and a lack of flow of resources. In my own small way, by requesting contributions instead of a set fee, I support interdependence and more creative ways of using and sharing our resources. I welcome contributions via PayPal or bank transfer.


Other Forms of Support

I love to collaborate with people to find ways to support all our growth and work. And I have found many non-financial ways for people to contribute to my work. In the past people have assisted by

  • Inviting me to their community to offer a presentation
  • Organizing and setting up a workshop
  • Co-facilitating a circle or Peer Practice group