“Wednesday Connections” Six bi-weekly circles


***There are still some places available. People are welcome to attend only some of the series, I simply require that I know who will be attending each circle ahead of time.

What: Wednesday Connections: A series of six bi-weekly online Zoom practices, to exercise our awareness skills on a range of topics, such as: listening, anger, gratitude, shame.

Purpose: I offer these practices as a place for practice and awareness and connection for people to exercise their NVC and related skills

When: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, starting on 8th June, from 7 – 8:30pm

Requested contribution: Sliding scale/pay what you can:  €20 – 60. 



  • I will be offering strategies for practice between the sessions, and I recommend that participants work with a practice partner while taking part in these sessions.
  • Please note that I will stop accepting participants after Monday, 6th June.
  • I welcome partial participation in the topics, however, I do ask that people unfamiliar with the process attend the first and last circle.



8 June – Talking Circles and the Art of Listening

Talking circles are an ancient, and very low-tech, way for communities to share information and make decisions. Talking circles invite us enjoy our shared time, and to come together for respectful and meaningful conversations.

22 June – Observation

Exploring our comfort and skill level in discerning the difference between expressing an evaluation or an observation

6 July – Gratitude and appreciation

While doing personal development work it can be easy to fall into the habit mostly seeing what is lacking or perceived in a negative way. This practice will encourage all of us to find deep appreciation for our inner efforts and work, and thus find more balance in our life.

20 July – Anger

We will explore how we show up for our own anger and for anger in others

3 Aug – Shame

We will explore how much we notice and understand our own shame, as well as noticing when others act out of shame.

17 August – “Arranging my life to suit my practice

I learned this phrase from my buddhist teacher, and it became the foundation for how I relate to my various practices in the context of other parts of my life.